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International Electronics / IEI

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
ER814194International Electronics / IEI0-067008EMERGE 440 LIVE MONITORING$544.02Details
ER213949International Electronics / IEI0-200250-CSURFACE MOUNT BOX E/I STYLE CHROME KP$74.93Details
ER633803International Electronics / IEI0-205600FSINGLE DOOR ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEM KIT W/3 DOOR MOD$772.03Details
ER633804International Electronics / IEI0-205601FMINI MAX 3SYSTEM KIT$613.56Details
ER633805International Electronics / IEI0-205603F (MAX3MOD-EXF)MAX 3 MODULE SYS. KIT$389.95Details
ER269584International Electronics / IEI0205661MAX3 OUTPUT MODULE$247.44Details
ER213951International Electronics / IEI0-205671MAX3 MODULE SINGLE DOOR ACCESS CONTROL MODULE$323.14Details
ER195368International Electronics / IEI0-205672SINGLE DOOR ACCESS CONTROL PANEL$512.66Details
ER269585International Electronics / IEI0-205673SINGLE DOOR ACCESS CONTROL PANEL$698.50Details
ER195369International Electronics / IEI0-205676STAND ALONE PRX RDR W/KYPD$230.47Details
ER196266International Electronics / IEI0-205679PROX PAD PLUS SINGLE DOOR NETWORKABLE ACCESS SYS$411.76Details
ER196478International Electronics / IEI0-211466212R RUGZD DRGRD 120 USER WHTE$253.69Details
ER822511International Electronics / IEI0-213111KEYPAD FOR 232I$134.32Details
ER269586International Electronics / IEI0-222120LS1 LOCK SET SATIN CHROME PLATED CRESENT LEVEL$563.11Details
ER196480International Electronics / IEI0-222200LOCKSETS LS1C10CR-ICG$733.95Details
ER213954International Electronics / IEI0-222201LOCKSET LS1C10AM-ICG$733.95Details
ER633806International Electronics / IEI0-222400LS1C3CR CRSNT KEY IN LEVER$685.37Details
ER195371International Electronics / IEI0-223101LS2 WIRELESS LOCKNET SATIN CHROME AMERICAN LEVER$694.56Details
ER346098International Electronics / IEI0-223401LS2C3AM AMRON KEY IN LEVER$886.26Details
ER922768International Electronics / IEI0-224100ACCESS CONTROL LOCKSET DEADBOLT VERSION$871.82Details
ER195374International Electronics / IEI0-224101LS2P-C-26D-AM LCK SET W/AMRCN HANDL KEY IN LEVER$871.82Details
ER633807International Electronics / IEI0224120ACCESS CONTROL LOCKSET PROXIMITY VERSION$871.82Details
ER633808International Electronics / IEI0-224131 (LS2PC26D-AM-ICY)KEYPAD AND PROX ACCESS CONTROL W/YALE CYLINDER$1000.49Details
ER196481International Electronics / IEI0-224141LS2PC26DAM-ICC AMRN IC 6PIN$846.87Details
ER633809International Electronics / IEI0-224151 (LS2PC26DAM-ICG)SOFTWARE MANAGED LOCKSET WITH PROX$871.82Details
ER196482International Electronics / IEI0-224200LS2PC10BCR CRSNT KEY IN LEVER$1063.52Details
ER925542International Electronics / IEI0-224221WIRELESS LOCKSET W/PROXIMITY INCLUDES SOFTWARE$1063.52Details
ER633811International Electronics / IEI0-242101LS1M26DAM AM MORTISE STANDARD C KEY P/C:P46$686.69Details
ER346097International Electronics / IEI0-242201LS1M10BAM AM MORT STD CKW$878.38Details
ER738348International Electronics / IEI0-243100CRESENT STANDARD LOCK SET W/ SOFTWARE INCLUDED$783.85Details
ER269589International Electronics / IEI0-244101LS2PM26DAM AM MORTISE STANDARD$967.67Details
ER213958International Electronics / IEI0-254100DEADBOLT SOFTWARE READY LOCKSET$976.86Details
ER450134International Electronics / IEI0-254101LS2P-D-26D-AM AMRON STD C KEYWAY$976.86Details
ER195378International Electronics / IEI0270001VON DUPRIN 99 TRIM RING$50.53Details
ER633812International Electronics / IEI0-270002PRECISION 1100 EXIT TRIM PLATE$50.53Details
ER196489International Electronics / IEI0-2700037100 TRIM PLATE FOR YALE 7100 AND CORBIN ED5200$50.53Details
ER346096International Electronics / IEI0-270004LSED DORMA 9300$50.53Details
ER195379International Electronics / IEI0272101LS1E26DAM AM EXIT STANDARD C KEYWAY P/C P46$522.21Details
ER859616International Electronics / IEI0-272171LS1E26DAM-LC$466.30Details
ER911256International Electronics / IEI0-273101DOOR GUARD/LS2E/EXIT TRIM SOFTWARE READY AMERICAN$658.56Details
ER195380International Electronics / IEI0274101EXIT TRIM SOFTWARE READY -0274101$795.66Details
ER633813International Electronics / IEI0-274201EXIT LOCKSET W/BRONZE AMERICAN HANDLE$1018.87Details
ER196490International Electronics / IEI0290110POWER KEY$456.76Details
ER633814International Electronics / IEI0290220POWER KEY AC 220V$456.76Details
ER269591International Electronics / IEI0-291324RUPIP,100/240VAC,24VDC,24W$30.28Details
ER633815International Electronics / IEI0-291400 (EZ-REX)EASY TOUCH REQUEST TO EXIT KEYPAD$114.52Details
ER758884International Electronics / IEI0-294021IN/OUT KEYPAD 2 OUTPUT RELAYS DOOR MONITOR AND KEY$149.87Details
ER734779International Electronics / IEI0-294088OTPT EXPA N MODULE$59.37Details
ER269592International Electronics / IEI0295033SCURD SER HUB PLUS,CTL MOD,500 USER P/C:$325.63Details
ER195381International Electronics / IEI0-295097USB CONNECTOR FOR USE WITH RS232 AND RS485$101.79Details
ER195382International Electronics / IEI0-2951341DOOR CTRL EXP TO 32 INC S/W$730.01Details
ER196492International Electronics / IEI0-295144SECURED SERIESII DOOR CNTRL MODULE 1000USR 1500TRN$308.14Details
ER213960International Electronics / IEI0-295150KEYPAD - WHITE$137.14Details
ER196493International Electronics / IEI0-295701SECURED SERIES INFORMATION MODULE$76.34Details
ER743504International Electronics / IEI0-296005SECURED ETHERNET GATEWAY$398.13Details
ER213961International Electronics / IEI0296006SEC ETHERNET GATEWAY PLUGIN MOD$324.50Details
ER195385International Electronics / IEI0297011DATA TRANSFER DEVICE HAND HELD$280.87Details
ER778408International Electronics / IEI0-297100ISO PROX CARD SPEICAL$8.98Details
ER269594International Electronics / IEI0297101 (ISOPROX)PROX CRD W/ PHOTO CAPABILITIES 25 PACK$134.32Details
ER346093International Electronics / IEI0-297300SPEC ODR KEY FOB.FAC,SITE CODE & START # MIN 100$8.65Details
ER309650International Electronics / IEI0297300AHID PRXKYIII KEFOB CUSTOM$8.65Details
ER195386International Electronics / IEI0-297301APRXKYIII 26BIT FOB (25PCK)$149.87Details
ER213962International Electronics / IEI0297400PROX CARDS - SPECIALLY PROGRAMMED$6.27Details
ER195387International Electronics / IEI0-297401PROXCARDII HID PROX CARD 25PCS NO PRINTING$80.58Details
ER633816International Electronics / IEI0-298054HID COMPAT THINLINE II WIEG BLK-CBL P/C:P40$261.58Details
ER346091International Electronics / IEI0-298064HID COMP PRXPOINT PLUS WIEGAND$130.07Details
ER829272International Electronics / IEI0-299002AWID READER$151.28Details
ER213963International Electronics / IEI0-299008AWID COMP PRX CRD,50 PK, GRPH QUAL BOTH SIDES, ISO$188.05Details
ER213964International Electronics / IEI0-299010AWID COMPT PROX KEY TAG 20PK$82.00Details
ER213965International Electronics / IEI0-299017AWID COMPT CLAM SHL PROX BDGE PREPUNCH PORTR 25PCK$61.51Details
ER269599International Electronics / IEI0-299018AWID COMPT PRX CRD GRAPH ISO COMPLIANT 50 PACK$188.05Details
ER195389International Electronics / IEI0-299020AWID COMPACT KYTAG 20 PACK$82.00Details
ER874568International Electronics / IEI0-299030SARGENT HID EPR$190.88Details
ER309647International Electronics / IEI0-299104SMART CARD READER SINGLE GANG MOUNT$190.88Details
ER196500International Electronics / IEI0-299106PROXIMITY CLAMSHELL CARD LOTS OF 25PCK$67.17Details
ER195393International Electronics / IEI0-299107PROX CRD,PSM-2PH,(25PK),FAR PNT$124.42Details
ER729798International Electronics / IEI0-299107CCUSTOM PROXIMITY ISO PVC CARDS$6.54Details
ER633818International Electronics / IEI0-299108 (PSK3H)PROXIMITY KEYFOB WIEGNAD 26BIT$145.63Details
ER269605International Electronics / IEI0-299109CALMSHELL CONTACTLESS SMT CARD(LOTS OF 25)$83.41Details
ER886964International Electronics / IEI0-580130EMERGE TEMPERATURE BOARD$462.21Details
ER806616International Electronics / IEI0-580131EMERGE TEMPERATURE PROBE$164.01Details
ER812999International Electronics / IEI0-587004EMERGE EXPAN NODE$1186.94Details
ER195400International Electronics / IEI2000-8EXExpansion Module, 2000 Series, Keypad Output, Adds 8-Control Relay Outputs, Power LED, Individual LEDs *REQUIRES Conductor Shielded Cable For Interconnect* $56.52Details
ER196503International Electronics / IEI2000EKeypad, Indoor/Outdoor, Flush Mount, Single Gang, 500 Users, (2) On Board Output Relays, Backlit Keys And Sounder, 10-30 VDC, 12-25 VAC, 5-Year Warranty $142.22Details
ER213977International Electronics / IEI2000EMKeypad, Indoor/Outdoor, Flush Mount, Single Gang, 500 Users, (2) On Board Output Relays, Metal Keys, Braille And Sounder, 10-30 VDC, 12-25 VAC, 5-Year Warranty $198.65Details
ER195401International Electronics / IEI2-058007LS2 FLEX CIRCUIT CABLE$29.54Details
ER269613International Electronics / IEI2-060210LOGITECH QUICK CAM ORBIT$124.42Details
ER195404International Electronics / IEI2075000/SECURITY CHIPHUB SECURITY CHIP FOR MINIMAX$86.24Details
ER269614International Electronics / IEI2-088005Ls-2 Battery Pwr Supply Board. Sub-assembly$98.97Details
ER196505International Electronics / IEI2-088008-12LS1 MORTISE/EXIT EMD ASSY$72.10Details
ER269615International Electronics / IEI2-088021LS2 KYPD ASSEMBLY$76.34Details
ER195405International Electronics / IEI2095034Backplane For Hubmax Ii. Replacement. 2-095034$227.07Details
ER213980International Electronics / IEI2095037Backplane For Minimax Ii. Replacement$215.89Details
ER195407International Electronics / IEI210KEYPAD,8-AMP INDOOR RELAY$87.82Details
ER195408International Electronics / IEI212IKeypad System, Door-Gard, Indoor, Stainless Steel, Flush Mount, (120) Users $79.75Details
ER196508International Electronics / IEI212ILKeypad Indoor Illuminated. 120 Users Backlit Keys 0230720. 10-30vac/12-24vdc Operation. Surface Mount$173.91Details
ER196509International Electronics / IEI212ILM-ALKeypad Indoor/outdoor Mullion. 120 Users Backlit Keys 0231344. Weather Resistant. Mullion Style. Aluminum$216.46Details
ER196510International Electronics / IEI212ILM-BZKeypad Indoor/outdoor Mullion. 120 Users Backlit Keys 0231345. Weather Resistant. Mullion Style. Dark Bronze$229.45Details
ER196512International Electronics / IEI212ILWKeypad Outdoor Surface Mount. 120 Users Backlit Keys 0230722. 10-30vac/12-24vdc Operation. Weather Resistant$165.04Details
ER213986International Electronics / IEI212LS-C26DCR-LTCYLINDRICAL LOCK BRUSHED CHROME$125.83Details
ER269619International Electronics / IEI212LS-C26DCR-RTLockset, 212LS Series, Left Or Right Hand Opening, Brushed Chrome $118.49Details
ER195410International Electronics / IEI212LS-CUS3CR-LTCYLINDRICAL LOCK POL BRASS LT$128.66Details
ER195411International Electronics / IEI212LS-CUS3CR-RTLockset, 212LS Series, Left Or Right Hand Opening, Polished Brass $118.49Details
ER196513International Electronics / IEI212MPKeypad Indoor/outdoor. 120 Users Backlit Keys 0211130. Surface Mount. Single Gang Size$139.35Details
ER195412International Electronics / IEI212RKeypad System, Door-Gard, Outdoor, Metal Housing, Surface Mount, Vandal-Resistant, White, (120) Users $243.76Details
ER195413International Electronics / IEI212SEKeypad Indoor/outdoor Sealed. 120 Users Metal Keys 0212140. Weatherproof Sealed. Surface Mount. Aluminum$247.39Details
ER195414International Electronics / IEI212WKeypad Indoor/outdoor. 120 Users Membrane Pad 0211222. Weather Resistant. Flush Mount. Brown Membrane Keypad$117.08Details
ER450144International Electronics / IEI2295003SW/SS SECURITY CHIP$115.13Details
ER196514International Electronics / IEI230218CF CARD, 2GB, EMERGE, 3.3$98.97Details
ER789192International Electronics / IEI230222 (EMICRONOD)EMERGE MICRONODE$1215.82Details
ER213990International Electronics / IEI230344EMERGE FLD UPGRADE 50-5000$2301.52Details
ER309646International Electronics / IEI232-485Rs232-485 Proxpad Interface. For Proxpad Plus 0295093. Converts Rs232 To Rs485$78.93Details
ER196517International Electronics / IEI232CVSINTERNA, 232 KEYPAD FOR CVS$137.14Details
ER195419International Electronics / IEI232FXKeypad, Xtreme, Door-Gard Self-Contained Access Control Design Series, Sealed, Outdoor, Metal, Flush Mount, Touch Sensitive Keys $299.64Details
ER196518International Electronics / IEI232IKeypad System, Door-Gard, Indoor, Stainless Steel Faceplate, Flush Mount, (120) Users $123.88Details
ER196522International Electronics / IEI232I US32DIndoor Keypd/120 Users. 12/24ac/dc, Forced Dr, Prop Dr. Alarm Shunt Relays. 0213111. Brushed Stainless$154.69Details
ER196519International Electronics / IEI232ILM-ALKeypad System, Door-Gard, Outdoor, Aluminum, Surface Mount, Mullion, Illuminated Hard Plastic Keys, Secured Installation, (120) Users $281.85Details
ER196520International Electronics / IEI232ILM-BZKeypad System, Door-Gard, Outdoor, Surface Mount, Mullion, Illuminated Hard Plastic Keys, Secured Installation, Bronze, (120) Users $292.89Details
ER196521International Electronics / IEI232ILRHVY DTY WTHRPRF KYPD,2 INPT,2 OUTPT,ILLUMINATD KYS$379.04Details
ER196523International Electronics / IEI232RKeypad System, Door-Gard, Outdoor, Metal Housing, Surface Mount, White, Vandal Resistant, (120) Users $276.67Details
ER196524International Electronics / IEI232SEKeypad System, Door-Gard, Outdoor, Metal Housing, Single-Gang, Surface Mount, Vandal Resistant, (120) Users $262.85Details
ER195420International Electronics / IEI232WKeypad Indoor Outdoor. 120 Users Membrane Pad 0213222. Weather Resistant. Sgl Gang Flush Mount. Brown Membrane Keypad$157.75Details
ER213995International Electronics / IEI242ILWKeypad, w/ Backlit Keys, 242 Series, w/ Illuminated Keys, Outdoor, 1-Relay Output, 10-30 VDC, Sounder, Architectural Look, Surface Mount, 12 VDC/24 VAC $190.40Details
ER450149International Electronics / IEI250PRINTER INTERFACE$429.20Details
ER213997International Electronics / IEI2500-2579PROXIMITY ISO PVC CARDS 25PACK$124.42Details
ER196526International Electronics / IEI262PARTITIONER CENTRAL SYSTEMS$120.18Details
ER196527International Electronics / IEI262BPartitioner 2 Zone Control Sys. 1 Amp Form C Relay 0262130mp. 16 User Codes 10.5-16vdc. Surface Mount$87.65Details
ER195421International Electronics / IEI270 IEI WRENCHTamper Socket 1/4in Driver Hnd. Replaces The 267. 0-200270$32.03Details
ER450151International Electronics / IEI271TAMPER WRENCH FOR ALLEN 1/4IN$19.50Details
ER196530International Electronics / IEI281BACKBOX FLUSH MOUNT SGL GANG$16.12Details
ER214000International Electronics / IEI2811003Holder, LS Series, Battery Pack, Spare $20.60Details
ER450153International Electronics / IEI282MAGNETIC CONTACT TAMPER SW$12.25Details
ER196531International Electronics / IEI284Accessory, Lead Accessory Relay, 5 Amp, For Door-Gard Series $Call for Price.Details
ER196532International Electronics / IEI285Backbox Sgl Gang Surface. Surface Mount 0200250-b. For I And E Style Keypads. Each. Black$68.31Details
ER450154International Electronics / IEI285-10BACKBOX SGL GANG SURFACE$268.52Details
ER195425International Electronics / IEI286Backbox, Single Gang, Surface Mount, Chrome Plated, For I / E Style Keypads $37.04Details
ER450155International Electronics / IEI286-10BACKBOX SGL GANG SURFACE$327.28Details
ER450156International Electronics / IEI288TAMPERPROOF SCREWS/ALLEN/PIN$29.66Details
ER346087International Electronics / IEI289Tamperproof Screws/232i/232w. For 232i And 232w. 10 Pieces$16.32Details
ER196533International Electronics / IEI293Accessory, Board, 3-Relay Plug-On, For 212I, 212W, 212M Readers Only $45.71Details
ER195426International Electronics / IEI298162224 VAC 50 VA TRANSFORMER$29.54Details
ER633821International Electronics / IEI2-989909PWR SPLY,110VAC/12VDC,60W,UL$82.00Details
ER196534International Electronics / IEI4-101500CABINET W/DOOR,EMERGE$221.98Details
ER195427International Electronics / IEI4-320010LOCKEST REPLACMENT HARNESS KT$117.35Details
ER195428International Electronics / IEI4326621RIBBON CABLE FOR EMERGENCB$13.32Details
ER269635International Electronics / IEI4-569001Option, Lever, Crescent, Interior, Spare Part, For 26D/626 Finish, For LS Series $32.83Details
ER214003International Electronics / IEI4-569002Option, Lever, American, Interior, Spare Part, For 26D/626 Finish, For LS Series $32.83Details
ER196535International Electronics / IEI4569002 26DLs1 Interior Lever American. American Style Lever. Satin Chrome Finish 26d$39.82Details
ER269636International Electronics / IEI4-569006LEVER-CRSNT EXTERIOR IC CORE-CORBIN$44.67Details
ER269637International Electronics / IEI4-569007LEVER-AMERICAN EXT IC CORE-CORBIN$44.67Details
ER196537International Electronics / IEI45690102 3/8" LATCH BACKSET FOR LS1 LOCK$21.19Details
ER633822International Electronics / IEI4-569019LS1P-SP1-26D 1 3/8 DOOR KIT$40.99Details
ER196540International Electronics / IEI4-569021Option, Lever, Spare Part, American, Exterior, For 26D/626 Finish, For LS Series $32.83Details
ER195431International Electronics / IEI4-569022LEVER EXT IC CORE ICB$35.88Details
ER196542International Electronics / IEI4569030KEYED ALIKE CYLINDER WITH 2 KEYS$44.67Details
ER195432International Electronics / IEI4-569032Option, Cylinder, Spare Part, Standard, (2) Keys, For 26D/626 Finish, For LS Series $32.83Details
ER196543International Electronics / IEI4569039CYL. LOCK CHASSIS$117.97Details
ER346086International Electronics / IEI4-569040LS HARDWARE PKG 26D$51.24Details
ER195433International Electronics / IEI4-569047LS1C LEVER RETURN SPRING$4.00Details
ER309645International Electronics / IEI4-569054LS CHASSIS IC CORE CYL LOCK$137.14Details
ER832421International Electronics / IEI4-569063LS1P-LCRI-10B LEVER CRSENT INT$35.88Details
ER269641International Electronics / IEI4-569165LS EXIT BACKPLATE ASSY$114.52Details
ER815304International Electronics / IEI4-569180LS2 MORTISE BACKPLATE ASSY$101.79Details
ER450157International Electronics / IEI4-569200LS MORT CYLINDER 1-3/4 FOR DB$97.55Details
ER450158International Electronics / IEI4947MULLION HARDWARE PACKAGE$1.33Details
ER450160International Electronics / IEI555LSAUDIO DETECTOR$85.38Details
ER450161International Electronics / IEI620-100224PROX READER WEATHERPROOF BLK$113.69Details
ER633823International Electronics / IEI620-100226 (P640HA)S GANG, KP & PROX HID,AWID,S KEY$284.96Details
ER196545International Electronics / IEI834LDetector, Viper Plus, Glassbreak, Piezoelectric Sensor, w/ Custom ASIC Microchip, Frame Mount, White, 12 VDC $38.87Details
ER196546International Electronics / IEI834LBRDetector, Viper Plus, Glassbreak, Brown, Same As 834L $38.87Details
ER195436International Electronics / IEI834LWCDetector, Viper Plus, Glassbreak, w/ Contact, Brown, Same As 834L $46.56Details
ER809896International Electronics / IEIA2C/DB9Cable, DB9, Connect To PC'S Serial Port For Local Access, Compatible w/ AM/II, AE-1, AE-2 RS-232 $25.95Details
ER779690International Electronics / IEIAE-100Commercial Telephone Entry System, Includes Cardreader Int $689.48Details
ER877831International Electronics / IEIAE1000PLUSTelephone Entry, Wiegand Inputs, Cardreader Interface, LCD Display, 2 Inches x 16 Inches, Integral Radio Receiver, Modem, Surface, Recessed, Or Gooseneck Mount, Network Compatible w/ AM3Plus, AE2000Plus, Legacy Units, AXNET / AccessBase2000 Compatible, Co$1805.41Details
ER865150International Electronics / IEIAE2000PLUSTelephone Entry, Wiegand Inputs, Cardreader Interface, LCD Display, VGA Graphics, Integral Radio Receiver, Modem, Surface, Recessed, Or Gooseneck Mount, Network Compatible w/ AM3Plus, AE1000Plus, Legacy Units, AXNET / AccessBase2000 Compatible, Commercial$3152.87Details
ER716353International Electronics / IEIAE-500Commercial Telephone Entry System, 2 x 16 LCD Display, Includes Receiver, Modem, Mounting Plate $843.87Details
ER772435International Electronics / IEIAK-11Digital Keypad, Stand Alone, Exterior, Surface Mount, 4 Inches x 5.5 Inches x 3 Inches, 12 VDV Or 24 VAC $196.83Details
ER829092International Electronics / IEIAK-21WDigital Keypad, Stand Alone, Exterior, Surface Mount, 3 Inches x 5 Inches x 3 Inches, 12 VDC Or 24 VAC $131.62Details
ER730270International Electronics / IEIAK-31Digital Keypad, Stand Alone, Interior, Surface Mount, 3 Inches x 5 Inches x 3 Inches, 12 VDC Or 24 VAC $78.80Details
ER733873International Electronics / IEIAKR-1Keypad, Stand Alone, Radio $274.80Details
ER749764International Electronics / IEIAM3PLUSTelephone Entry, 4-Ports, Wiegand Inputs, Cardreader Interface, LCD Display, VGA Graphics, Integral Radio Receiver, Modem, Surface, Recessed, Or Gooseneck Mount, Network Compatible w/ AM3Plus, AE1000Plus, Legacy Units, AXNET / AccessBase2000 Compatible, C$695.78Details
ER745595International Electronics / IEIAM-CRIAccessory, Card Reader Interface, Integrates 26 Or 31 Bit Wiegand Devices, Up To Two Devices Per AM-CRI $146.73Details
ER812549International Electronics / IEIAM-KPKeypad, Wired, Outdoor, Metal Enclosure, 1-6 Entry Code, Compatible With: AM/II, AE-1, AE-2 $202.95Details
ER845490International Electronics / IEIAM-KPIKeypad, Wired, Indoor, 1-6 Entry Code, Single Gang Box $122.28Details
ER859646International Electronics / IEIAM-PCCard, Proximity, Sold In Increments Of 25 $4.31Details
ER837142International Electronics / IEIAM-PTKeytag, Proximity, Sold In Increments Of 25 $8.51Details
ER780884International Electronics / IEIAM-RPRReader, Prox, Remote, Mounts In Single Gang Box, 3-5" Read Range, Compatible w/ AM/II, AE-1, AE-2 $134.00Details
ER195437International Electronics / IEIBACKPLANECircuit Board/Backplane, Replacement, For HubMax II Access System $142.79Details
ER450167International Electronics / IEIBR1250HANDHELD PROGRAMMER$185.14Details
ER450168International Electronics / IEIBR1255HANDHELD PROGRAMMER$154.49Details
ER817456International Electronics / IEICAB-3Housing, Cabinet, NEMA 3R, For AM/II & AM-3 $128.39Details
ER269644International Electronics / IEICS36SClamshell Style Prox Badge. Clamshell Style Prox Badge. Awid Compatible. Pre-punched, Without Logo. Iei 36 Bit Format$4.04Details
ER450170International Electronics / IEICT-70MULTI-FUNCTION TIMER$58.12Details
ER269645International Electronics / IEIDTDData Transfer Device, Hand-Held, Wireless Infrared Data Transfer, Hub Manager Professional Software, USB Cable, (4) AA Batteries $268.74Details
ER214016International Electronics / IEIDUOPROXCard, HID DuoProx, Prox, 26-Bit, For ProxPoint Readers Only *Specify: Site Code, Bit Format & Sequential Matching Start #* $9.23Details
ER195440International Electronics / IEIEA-EV-C1003Cards, Premium, Blank, White, HICO Magnetic Stripe, 30 Mil, (5) Packs Of (100) Cards $175.27Details
ER196551International Electronics / IEIEA-EV-E3001JUDUALYS COLOR DUAL-SIDE CARD PRINTER$4331.17Details
ER196552International Electronics / IEIEA-EVE5001RUIEI EMERGE CARD PRINTER$3664.43Details
ER269646International Electronics / IEIEA-EVR30115PANEL COLOR RIBBON YMCKO(200)$90.48Details
ER195443International Electronics / IEIEMERGE ACMAccess Control Module, (2) Readers, 4-Inputs, 4-Outputs $665.51Details