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SDC / Security Door Controls

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
ER512919SDC / Security Door Controls003-0247-001600 SER LK LV SP 7/16 DIAMETER$18.27Details
ER334330SDC / Security Door Controls003-0248-001600 Ks 640/50/60 1/4 Diameter. Keeper Spring. 640/650/660 1/4 Diameter$18.27Details
ER260573SDC / Security Door Controls00510510 VON DUPRIN 33/99 SWITCH KIT$101.79Details
ER247568SDC / Security Door Controls00510-2510 VON DUPRIN 33 SWT KIT DPDT$124.42Details
ER247569SDC / Security Door Controls0051288series rex switch$101.79Details
ER682571SDC / Security Door Controls00515SW KIT SARG. 9300 9400 9500$101.79Details
ER285110SDC / Security Door Controls00516SRGNT 9600-9900 SWITCH KIT$101.79Details
ER260574SDC / Security Door Controls00517ADAMS RITE 8300,8400,8700,8800 SWITCH KIT$101.79Details
ER285111SDC / Security Door Controls00518518 PRECISION APEX SERIES SWITCH KIT$101.79Details
ER260575SDC / Security Door Controls00518A518A PRECISION 2100 SW KIT$101.79Details
ER682572SDC / Security Door Controls00519519 JACKSON 1095 SWITCH KIT$101.79Details
ER247570SDC / Security Door Controls005192JACKSON 1095 SWITCH KIT$101.79Details
ER285112SDC / Security Door Controls00520520 CORBIN 3000 SWITCHKIT$101.79Details
ER886569SDC / Security Door Controls00525525 MONARCH 18 & 19 SWTCH KITS$101.79Details
ER285113SDC / Security Door Controls00527-2SARGENT 80 SWITCH KIT BY 2 SWITCH$124.42Details
ER247571SDC / Security Door Controls00528SARGENT 20/60 SWITCH KIT.$101.79Details
ER217457SDC / Security Door Controls00539539 REX SWITCH KIT$101.79Details
ER260577SDC / Security Door Controls00600104ACOMB INSERT 3/32-1/8 SILVER ZINC$15.65Details
ER298649SDC / Security Door Controls006-001-05XMAdjustable Magnet Stand. For Dsm On Shear Lock$29.44Details
ER217458SDC / Security Door Controls006-001-07UPPER SPRING F/1561/62 SERIES$2.93Details
ER866794SDC / Security Door Controls006-001-07BUPPER SPRINGS FOR SHEARLOCK$3.54Details
ER298648SDC / Security Door Controls006-001-10SPRING$1.54Details
ER247572SDC / Security Door Controls006-001-11HERCULITE ARMATURE SCHIM$7.98Details
ER285114SDC / Security Door Controls006-011-101561/62 BOTTOM SPRING$3.74Details
ER809886SDC / Security Door Controls01BR-601B KEY SW ASSY MA SPDT 6AMP$79.17Details
ER512930SDC / Security Door Controls02B-6MOMENTARY REPLACEMENT SWITCH$70.11Details
ER247573SDC / Security Door Controls02BR602B KEY SW ASSY MO SPDT REC 6AMP$79.17Details
ER682573SDC / Security Door Controls07BOIQ07B LEVER TRIM SET 626$275.41Details
ER765289SDC / Security Door Controls07EU07 LEVER SET X ESC 630$281.14Details
ER260579SDC / Security Door Controls1000EB1000 Sreies Back Box. Used For Wood Installations$28.68Details
ER260580SDC / Security Door Controls100-1Solenoid 115 Vac Hitower Only. Hitower Actuator$100.38Details
ER260581SDC / Security Door Controls100-3SOLENOID 24VDC HITOWER ONLY$100.38Details
ER217459SDC / Security Door Controls100-4-GL160Solenoid & Inside For Gl160mra. Makes The Old W/ New Solenoid$94.72Details
ER247576SDC / Security Door Controls101-1ADoor Annunciator, w/ Audible Alarm, Tricolor LED, Green Secure, Amber Egress Initiated, Red Door Unlocked, 1-Gang $Call for Price.Details
ER247577SDC / Security Door Controls101-1AKAnnunciator, Remote Or Local Single Door, 2-Function Key Switch For Reset & On-Off, Audible Alarm, Tri-Color LED, (2 Gang) Mortise Key Cylinder Not Included $Call for Price.Details
ER247578SDC / Security Door Controls101-4AMAnnunciator, 4 Tri Color Led. W/audible Alarm Mute Button. Green - Amber - Red. Secure-alarm-unlocked$Call for Price.Details
ER512921SDC / Security Door Controls101A-OVWALL MOUNT PUSH RESET SWITCH$67.87Details
ER217461SDC / Security Door Controls101-DEWall mt controller w/keypad control res$515.39Details
ER512913SDC / Security Door Controls101-DE NDWALL MOUNT CONTROLLER 12/24VDC$541.99Details
ER776119SDC / Security Door Controls101-DEBDD.E. CONTROLLER - BOCA$515.39Details
ER247580SDC / Security Door Controls101-DELK101-DELK = D.E. CONTROLLER LESS KEY PAD$515.39Details
ER334328SDC / Security Door Controls101-DELK-DILDELAYED EGRESS CONTROLLER LESS KEYPAD$515.39Details
ER807745SDC / Security Door Controls101-DE-ND-IC101-DE REPLACEMENT IC$35.13Details
ER247581SDC / Security Door Controls101-KDEWall mount controller w/ bothkey switch$582.20Details
ER512924SDC / Security Door Controls101-KDE NDWALL MOUNT CONTROLLER 12/24VDC$613.58Details
ER260582SDC / Security Door Controls101-KDELKWall Mnt Contrller Less Keypad. Delayed Egress,with Key Switch. 12/24vdc$582.20Details
ER805494SDC / Security Door Controls101-KDENAD.E. CONTROLLER W/KEY SWITCH-NFPA$582.20Details
ER260583SDC / Security Door Controls101-PAMAnnunciator, Remote Single Door, 3 Push Button Switches For Momentary Access, On-Off, Audible Alarm Mute Button, Tri-Color LED 2 Gang $Call for Price.Details
ER784927SDC / Security Door Controls101-SPSNRemote Single Gang Annunciator with spea$65.03Details
ER334326SDC / Security Door Controls101V81S ND V101v Exit Check Delayed Egress. Single Door Model. Aluminum$703.77Details
ER717629SDC / Security Door Controls1090-1V1090 FACE PLT LESS ARS 628$32.95Details
ER260586SDC / Security Door Controls10905V1090A-1290A STRIKE PLATE 628$15.65Details
ER877781SDC / Security Door Controls1090A1091AIV, 1091A LOCK 12/24VDC 628$255.10Details
ER260587SDC / Security Door Controls1090A185H1091A FACEPLATE 8 1/2" 613$83.41Details
ER217462SDC / Security Door Controls1090A-185V1090A-1290A 8 1/2"FACEPLTE 628$34.42Details
ER682574SDC / Security Door Controls1090A-19H1091A FACEPLATE 9" 613$98.97Details
ER728163SDC / Security Door Controls1090A1V1090 SRES FACE PLT F/FS23M SRS$31.49Details
ER682575SDC / Security Door Controls1090A-EBFBOLT LOCK SAFEWAY STORES$421.31Details
ER512925SDC / Security Door Controls1091A-1-SFACEPLATE 1091A 625$56.84Details
ER334325SDC / Security Door Controls1091A-1-UFaceplate 1091a 630. Satin Stainless Steel$39.25Details
ER512926SDC / Security Door Controls1091ADLICBDELECTRIC BOLT LOCK 12/24DC 605$411.10Details
ER334324SDC / Security Door Controls1091ADLIG1091A DEADLOCK 12/24VDC 612$319.05Details
ER285122SDC / Security Door Controls1091ADLIH1091A DEADLOCK 12/24VDC 613$319.05Details
ER778946SDC / Security Door Controls1091ADLIP1091A DEADLOCK 12/24VDC 625$346.49Details
ER285123SDC / Security Door Controls1091ADLIPB1091A DEADLCK 12/24VDC 625 BPS$354.50Details
ER260588SDC / Security Door Controls1091ADLIUB1091A DEADLCK 12/24VDC 630 BPS$354.50Details
ER260589SDC / Security Door Controls1091ADLIVMortise Bolt Lock, Dead Locking, Fail Safe, 8 Inch x 1 1/2 Inch x 1 5/8 Inch, 628 Aluminum Finish, 12 VDC / 24 VAC $Call for Price.Details
ER334323SDC / Security Door Controls1091ADLIVB1091A DEADLOCK 12/24 VDC 628 BPS$304.05Details
ER285124SDC / Security Door Controls1091ADLIVDDEADLOCK 12/24VDC 628 DPS$319.05Details
ER217464SDC / Security Door Controls1091ADLIVDB1091A DEADLOCK 12/24VDC 628 BPS DPS$339.50Details
ER247583SDC / Security Door Controls1091ADLIY1091A DLCK 12/24VDC 335 (BLK)$291.78Details
ER682576SDC / Security Door Controls1091ADLIYB1091A DEADLOCK 12/24VDC 335 BPS$355.63Details
ER217465SDC / Security Door Controls1091ADLWDIVB1091A DEADLOCK 12/24VDC 628 WD BPS$329.95Details
ER247584SDC / Security Door Controls1091AICFail Safe Bolt Lock 24vac Us3. Fail Safe. Bright Brass$276.78Details
ER285125SDC / Security Door Controls1091AICD1091A LOCK 12/24 VDC 605 DPS$313.59Details
ER285126SDC / Security Door Controls1091AIDDeadblt Lock Fs 24ac 606. Fail Safe. Satin Brass$276.78Details
ER512927SDC / Security Door Controls1091AIGBDELECT. BOLT LOCK 12/24VDC 612$366.78Details
ER247587SDC / Security Door Controls1091AIHDeadbolt Lock 12/24vdc 613. Dark Bronze$276.78Details
ER217466SDC / Security Door Controls1091AIHBLOCK 1091A 12/24VDC 613 W/BOLT SENSOR$313.59Details
ER512928SDC / Security Door Controls1091AIHBDELECT. BOLT LOCK 12/24VDC 613$366.78Details
ER217467SDC / Security Door Controls1091AIHD1091A LOCK 12/24VDC 613 / DPS$313.59Details
ER260590SDC / Security Door Controls1091AIHDWD1091A LOCK 12/24VDC WD 613 DPS$339.50Details
ER285128SDC / Security Door Controls1091AIPMortise Bolt Lock 625. 12/24 Vdc. 625 Finish. Polished Chrome$276.78Details
ER512929SDC / Security Door Controls1091AIPBDMORTISE BOLT LOCK 625$366.78Details
ER260591SDC / Security Door Controls1091AIU1091A Lock 12/24 VDC 630$276.78Details
ER217468SDC / Security Door Controls1091AIVMortise Bolt Lock, Fail Safe, 8 Inch x 1 1/2 Inch x 1 5/8 Inch, 628 Aluminum Finish, 12 VDC / 24 VAC $223.95Details
ER285129SDC / Security Door Controls1091AIVB1091A LOCK 12/24VDC 628 BPS$272.89Details
ER285130SDC / Security Door Controls1091AIVD1091A LOCK 12/24VDC 628 DPS$272.89Details
ER285131SDC / Security Door Controls1091AIVDBSPACESAVER MORTISE BOLT LOCK FAIL SAFE$298.59Details
ER285132SDC / Security Door Controls1091AIWDH1091A LOCK 12/24CDV 613WD$319.05Details
ER217469SDC / Security Door Controls1091AIWDHD1091A LOCK 12/24VDC WD 613 DPS$339.50Details
ER285133SDC / Security Door Controls1091AIWDUB12/24 Bolt lock w/ wood face plate, 630$367.59Details
ER260595SDC / Security Door Controls1091AIWDV1091A LK 12/24VDC 628WD$261.58Details
ER247590SDC / Security Door Controls1091AIWDVD1091A LK 12/24VDC 628WD DPS$314.95Details
ER217470SDC / Security Door Controls1091AIWDY61091A LOCK 12/24VDC 335 WD BPS$279.96Details
ER217471SDC / Security Door Controls1091AIY1091A LOCK 12/24 VDC 335$260.16Details
ER285134SDC / Security Door Controls1091AIYB1091A 12/24VDC 335 BPS LOCK$286.32Details
ER247591SDC / Security Door Controls1091ALU1091A LOCK 12/24VDC 630 FINISH$276.78Details
ER682577SDC / Security Door Controls1091AMIVMAGLOCK 1091A X MAG 12/24VDC 628$268.65Details
ER260597SDC / Security Door Controls10TDTime Delay Relay Mod Adj Delay. Adjusted Time Delay$57.27Details
ER247592SDC / Security Door Controls110Bolt Lock, Mortise, Fail Safe, 5" Depth Required, 2 3/4 X 1 1/4" Faceplate, Less Auto-Relock Switch, 628 Aluminum $Call for Price.Details
ER285136SDC / Security Door Controls110IVElectric Bolt Fs 12/24vdc 628. Fail Safe. Aluminum$121.59Details
ER512904SDC / Security Door Controls11-304SPDTMICRO SWITCH FOR GL263$25.38Details
ER217472SDC / Security Door Controls115140126EXTRA KEY FOR DELAYED EGRESS$7.29Details
ER247593SDC / Security Door Controls1190-5U1190 STRIKE PLATE 630$21.97Details
ER217473SDC / Security Door Controls1190ABolt Lock, Mortise, Heavy Duty, Failsafe, 0.7 Amp, 24 VDC $Call for Price.Details
ER217474SDC / Security Door Controls1190A-111ULONG FACEPLATE FOR 1190A$56.84Details
ER217475SDC / Security Door Controls1190AUDeadbolt Lock Fs 24vdc. Fail Safe. Satin Stainless Steel$278.54Details
ER682578SDC / Security Door Controls1190AUBFAIL SAFE BOLT LOCK 24VDC 630$304.05Details
ER512897SDC / Security Door Controls1190AUBDDEADBOLT LOCK FS 24VDC$357.92Details
ER260601SDC / Security Door Controls1190AUD1190A LOCK 24VDC 630 DPS$304.05Details
ER285138SDC / Security Door Controls1190AUDB1190A LOCK 24VDC 630 DPS BPS$339.50Details
ER217476SDC / Security Door Controls1190AWDU1190A LOCK WD 24VDC 630$324.50Details
ER260604SDC / Security Door Controls12441244 PUSH SOLENIOD 24VDC$124.42Details
ER298646SDC / Security Door Controls1250D1251D PULL SOL X SW 24VDC$161.96Details
ER247598SDC / Security Door Controls1251D1251D 24V DC PLL SLND DUALWIND$166.84Details
ER285140SDC / Security Door Controls1251D X SWSOLENOID 2090 BOLT LOCK 24VDC$166.84Details
ER260606SDC / Security Door Controls1291AHG1291A LOCK 12/24VDC 612$319.05Details
ER260607SDC / Security Door Controls1291AHH1291A LOCK 12/24VDC 613$319.05Details
ER217477SDC / Security Door Controls1291AHVMortise Bolt Lock, Fail Secure, 8 Inch x 1 1/2 Inch x 1 5/8 Inch, 628 Aluminum Finish, 12 VDC / 24 VAC $265.55Details
ER260608SDC / Security Door Controls1291AHVB1291A LOCK 12/24VDC 628 BPS$304.05Details
ER512898SDC / Security Door Controls1291AHVBDSDC SECURITY DOOR BOLT 12/24DC$357.92Details
ER247599SDC / Security Door Controls1291AHVD1291A LOCKS 12/24VDC 628 DPS$319.05Details
ER285142SDC / Security Door Controls1291AHVDB1291A LOCK 12/24VDC 628 DPS BPS$339.50Details
ER771862SDC / Security Door Controls1291AHWDY1291A LOCK 12/24VDC WD 8.5 335$343.59Details
ER869463SDC / Security Door Controls1291AIV1291A LOCK 12/24VDC 628$291.68Details
ER260611SDC / Security Door Controls132DLATCHBOLT ASSEMBLY$21.97Details
ER285143SDC / Security Door Controls137LOWER HUB FOR 7800 SERIES ELECTRIC LOCKSET$18.16Details
ER260612SDC / Security Door Controls138UPPER HUB FOR 7800 SERIES ELECTRIC LOCKSET$18.16Details
ER247600SDC / Security Door Controls14-2Timer, 7-Day Programmable, Memory Battery Back-Up Capability, 1 SPDT Dry Contact, 16A @ 30V AC-DC, Specify 12-24V AC-DC $Call for Price.Details
ER217478SDC / Security Door Controls14-2-127 DAY PROGRAMABLE TIMER 12VDC$171.08Details
ER285144SDC / Security Door Controls142PBCWMORTISE LOCK WRAP AROUND PLATE 605$57.27Details
ER247601SDC / Security Door Controls142SCWMORTISE LOCK WRAP AROUND PLATE 630$51.99Details
ER334322SDC / Security Door Controls1490A-1U1490 Faceplate Only. Satin Stainless Steel$94.74Details
ER857427SDC / Security Door Controls1490AIGDB1490A LOCK 12/24VDC 612 DPS BPS$389.95Details
ER217479SDC / Security Door Controls1490AIHDEADBLT LOCK FAIL SAFE 12/24DC$319.05Details
ER260613SDC / Security Door Controls1490AIHB1490A LOCK 12/24VDC 613 BPS$354.50Details
ER769035SDC / Security Door Controls1490AIHD1490A LOCK 12/24VDC 613 DPS$354.50Details
ER247603SDC / Security Door Controls1490AIP1490A LOCK 12/24VDC 625$319.05Details
ER298645SDC / Security Door Controls1490AIPBELECTRIC BOLT LOCK$354.50Details
ER298644SDC / Security Door Controls1490AIQDeadblt Lock Fail Safe 12/24dc. Space Saver Deadbolt. Satin Chrome$319.05Details
ER334321SDC / Security Door Controls1490AIUDeadblt Lock Fail Safe 12/24dc. Electric Deadbolt. Satin Stainless Steel$336.10Details
ER217480SDC / Security Door Controls1490AIUDBOLT LOCK FAIL SAFE DPS 630$354.50Details
ER285145SDC / Security Door Controls1490AIUDB1490A LOCK 12/24VDC 630 DPS BPS$389.95Details
ER217481SDC / Security Door Controls1490AIVMortise Bolt Lock, Fail Safe, Fits 1/2 Inch Frame, 8 Inch x 1 1/2 Inch x 1 5/8 Inch, 628 Aluminum Finish, NON UL, 12 VDC / 24 VAC $Call for Price.Details
ER512899SDC / Security Door Controls1490AIVB1490A LOCK 12/24VDC 628 BPS$304.05Details
ER512900SDC / Security Door Controls1490AIVBDDEADBLT LOCK FS 12/24DC,DB SW$357.92Details
ER217482SDC / Security Door Controls1490AIVD1490A 12/24VDC 628 DPS LOCK$304.05Details
ER217483SDC / Security Door Controls1490AIVDB1490A 12/24VDC 628 DPS BPS$339.50Details
ER260615SDC / Security Door Controls1490AIY1490A LOCK 12/24VDC 335$291.78Details
ER877376SDC / Security Door Controls14-Feb7 DAY PROGRAM TIMER$241.79Details
ER247604SDC / Security Door Controls150005AV1500 SERIES COVER PLATE 1511 AND 1571$9.98Details
ER247605SDC / Security Door Controls1500-101-CRF101 ARM SCREW PAK$22.71Details
ER247606SDC / Security Door Controls150010T1580/90 ARMATURE$27.25Details
ER217484SDC / Security Door Controls150010TDPS150010TDPS-ARMATURE BLOCK W/ TPS$27.25Details
ER247607SDC / Security Door Controls1500-12TArmatutre For 1511 Ser Maglock. No Screw Pack$44.67Details
ER334320SDC / Security Door Controls1500-12TDPS1511 ARMATURE PLT X DPS BLOCK$45.30Details
ER298643SDC / Security Door Controls1500-24TSplit Armature For 1511 Mag. Split Armature For 1511 Mag. Less Mounting Screws$40.23Details
ER298642SDC / Security Door Controls1500-DHDScrew Pack For 1500 Armature. When Mounting In. Z Bracket/hercul Door Bracket$9.17Details
ER512901SDC / Security Door Controls1500-HDBHARDWARE FOR MOUNT ARMATURE$20.30Details
ER787230SDC / Security Door Controls15-02-2003SDC AA TOG SWITCH$130.09Details
ER247608SDC / Security Door Controls1508S-01V1580S HOUSING 628$43.20Details
ER247609SDC / Security Door Controls15-1Switch, Desk Push Button, AA SPDT, In Compact Box, 6 Amp @ 30 VAC/DC, Contact Ratings Are Resistive $Call for Price.Details
ER260616SDC / Security Door Controls1511Maglock, EmLock, Single, 1650 Lbs Holding force, Automatic Vo $Call for Price.Details
ER512912SDC / Security Door Controls1511-05AVFACEPLATE FOR 1511 MAGLOCK$9.09Details
ER260617SDC / Security Door Controls1511-390AMPRetrofit Kit for Locknetics 390+ Retrofi$35.13Details
ER217485SDC / Security Door Controls1511CEL MAGNET LOCK 12/24VDC 605$343.59Details
ER217486SDC / Security Door Controls1511CDELMAG LOCK 12/24VDC W/DPS 605$369.49Details
ER247610SDC / Security Door Controls1511D1511 EMLOCK 12/24VDC 606$343.59Details
ER512903SDC / Security Door Controls1511DDBAEL MAGNET LOCK 12/24VDC 606$463.59Details
ER682579SDC / Security Door Controls1511DE-11TRIGGER BASE ASSEMBLY$31.49Details
ER285147SDC / Security Door Controls1511DEVMaglock W/int Atciv Sensor. Integrated Activation Sensor. 1650lb Force 12/24vdc. Aluminum$327.23Details
ER298641SDC / Security Door Controls1511DEVDB1511DE SLAVE 628 DPS BA$391.31Details
ER334319SDC / Security Door Controls1511DEXDB1511DE SLAVE 313 DPS BA$443.12Details
ER217487SDC / Security Door Controls1511-DFHeavy Duty Drill Fixture, For 1571 / 1511 $Call for Price.Details
ER298640SDC / Security Door Controls1511P1511 EMLOCK 625 BRIGHT CHROME$414.49Details
ER512895SDC / Security Door Controls1511PDEL MAGNET LOCK 12/24VDC 625$463.59Details
ER285148SDC / Security Door Controls1511QSNGL OUTSWNG EMLCK 12/24VDC62$414.49Details
ER285149SDC / Security Door Controls1511QT1511 EMLOCK 12/24VDC 626 AT$455.40Details
ER217488SDC / Security Door Controls1511SLock, Exit Check Delayed Egress, Single, Voice/Tone/Digital Countdown Annunciator, 1650 Pounds $695.14Details
ER512905SDC / Security Door Controls1511S BD K Q B DSINGLE DELAY EGRESSS 15SEC 626$879.71Details
ER247620SDC / Security Door Controls1511S NA P VDel Egress Sgl Maglck 1650lb. Na 15/30 Sec Adj Exit Delay. P Reset Push Switch. V Aluminum$728.70Details
ER797168SDC / Security Door Controls1511S-05VCOVER PLATE FOR 1511S$35.13Details
ER247611SDC / Security Door Controls1511S-111511S ARMATURE TRIGGER BASE$35.13Details
ER217490SDC / Security Door Controls1511S-11DPS1511S TRIGGER BASE ASSEMBLY X DPS$70.69Details
ER298639SDC / Security Door Controls1511S-12TMOUNTING PLATE FOR 1511S$41.74Details
ER260620SDC / Security Door Controls1511SAA1511S ALARM ASSEMBLY F/1511SKV$43.92Details
ER682580SDC / Security Door Controls1511SBCKV1511S SGL BOCA/CHGO K 628 (15 SEC FIXED)$728.70Details
ER682581SDC / Security Door Controls1511SBCKVD1511S CHICAGO 628DPS$753.65Details
ER816205SDC / Security Door Controls1511SBCKVE1511S SGL BOCA/CHGO K 628 E$728.70Details
ER334318SDC / Security Door Controls1511SBDKPVD1511S SGL BOCA P 628 DPS$753.65Details
ER247612SDC / Security Door Controls1511SBDKVSINGLE DELAY EGRESSS 15SEC 626$728.70Details
ER512906SDC / Security Door Controls1511SBDKVBSINGLE DELAY EGRESSS 15SEC 628$807.50Details
ER682582SDC / Security Door Controls1511SBDKVBA1511S SGL BOCA K 628 BA ATS$760.21Details
ER260621SDC / Security Door Controls1511SBDKVDSNGLE EGRESS MAGLOCK BOCA D-DPS$753.65Details
ER260622SDC / Security Door Controls1511SBDLVDELAY EGREE MAGLOCK BOCA 628$728.70Details
ER512907SDC / Security Door Controls1511SBDLVDBSINGLE DELAY EGRESSS 15SEC 628$833.76Details
ER682584SDC / Security Door Controls1511S-NA-IC1511S REPLACEMENT IC 15/30$43.20Details
ER795957SDC / Security Door Controls1511SNAKBADelayed Egress Maglock$866.29Details
ER247613SDC / Security Door Controls1511SNAKC1511S/101S SGL NFPA K 605$778.60Details